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About Me

During my music studies (I have a Master Degree in Piano Performance, Ural State Conservatory, Russia and a Baccalaureate Degree in Music, State Music College, Ekaterinburg, Russia) I was awarded several scholarships, such as Excellence in Piano Performance, The Best Performance of J.S.Bach, The Best Performance of F.Chopin and others.

I have been teaching piano and theory around 20-years and have a particular interest in teaching children. It was resulted in progressive method book for beginners “Introducing to Music” . I have conducted workshops based on this method of piano teaching in the Ural Region of Russia. Also, being the Head of the Department of the Aesthetic Education in the Music School of Arts I worked on the projects the essence of which is a new educational approach to pedagogy with emphasizing on the synthesis of different fields of Art, such as Music, Literature, History and Painting. For the projects “Learning and Playing” and “The Influence of Music to the Aesthetic Development of Children” I’ve got Honorable Mention from the Ministry of Culture of Russia. Also, they were published at //Artistic Education// 

During my career I performed extensively as a soloist, collaborative pianist and accompanist, appearing at such prestigious venues as: Concert Hall of the Ural State Conservatory ( Russia), St. Petersburg’s Festival Hall ( Russia), Concert Hall of the Carleton University Ottawa, Canada.

I was active as a workshop clinician and festival adjudicator in the Ural Region of Russia.

I have led numerous workshops on topics such as: “Developing Musicality from Childhood”, “Learning and Playing”, “Technique as an Expression of Musicality” and many others.

I had an extensive adjudication experience in Russia, including the annual Regional Competitions “Young Virtuoso”, Contemporary Music Festival. For ten years I held the examinations in piano performance, history and theory of music.

Since 2003 I have been living in Ottawa. During 2003-2004 I created a non- profit organization Children’s Choir “Fa- Solink”. We performed successfully in churches and at the Carleton University. I have always believed that a teacher should continue to “freshen” their teaching, so I’ve studied at the University of Ottawa at the Music Department (2005). My teachers were: Professors Gilles Comeau (Piano Pedagogy) and Stephen Gellman (Panorama of Canadian Music).I’ve also attended piano-teachers classes and master classes regularly, since my university studies. These things I maintain through ORMTA (Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association). Now I maintain a busy private studio where my students range from beginners to ARCT levels. Being an active member of ORMTA, I encourage my students to take RCM exams, to participate at the competitions, such as: Canadian Showcase, Kiwanis Music Festival and Canada Music Competition, etc.

Also, I am an active Member of the Kanata Music Club, where I have an adjudicating experience throughout the year.