Piano studio "Inspiration"

        Private lessons are offered for:

- Students of all levels, from Introductory to Performance ARCT

- Music College/University students

- Proficient amateurs

- Adults

- Strings (piano accompaniment)

- Preparation for RCM piano exams

Gifted students who will take piano lessons seriously and        pursue clear goals will be trained to participate in ORMTA   Student Competitions, ORMTA Ottawa Region Zone Competition, Canada Music Competition.

The adults’ programs are individual.

                                                                      STUDIO POLICY

Studio Policy is based on the rules, accepted for the members of Ontario Registered Music Teacher’s Association (Active Category).


1. Attendance and Make Up lessons:

    Regular attendance is expected of all students. Students are charged for all lessons that are in each month, including those missed through student's absence. Notification of inability to attend lesson does not excuse payment for the lesson.

2.Payment and Billing Policy:
Lesson rates: $30/30 minutes, $45/45 minutes,  $60/60 minutes
Ten (10) post-dated cheques must be provided for the months September to June.
There are no classes during Christmas Holidays (December 24th to January 2nd).

3.Cancellation Process:

   One- month written notice should be given in the  event that student decides to withdraw  from lessons. 
Upon  said notice it shall result in the forfeit of one month's payment. Should the withdrawal occur in the middle of the month the following month cheque will still be cashed  and any over- payment will be  refunded. 

4. A Teacher reserves the right to get one week paid vacation in the summer.

   One payment equal to tuition fee of one class must be added to the monthly

    payment in May.

  • Practice Expectations

I expect children to be prepared for each lesson and to have made weekly progress on all parts of the assignment. This requires a commitment to practicing the piano at home each day. Practice times will vary throughout the year depending on our goals and projects. As a guide, parents should expect children to practice at least 5 days each week.

  • Examinations

Many students choose to prepare for Piano Examinations at the end of each year. We have used the RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) system. Piano Examinations are challenging, but also very rewarding. The benefits of working hard toward a long term goal require students to develop good time management skills and a consistent work ethic. It also ensures that students develop a well-rounded foundation in music including repertoire, technique, sight reading, ear training, theory and keyboard skills.

Do you know that?

“… a child is excused from attendance at school, if he/she is absent from school for the purpose of receiving instruction in music and the period of absence does not exceed one-half day in any week.”

Parents wishing this privilege for their children are advised to discuss this matter with their children’s school teachers and principal. The ORMTA was instrumental in obtaining this privilege.

Specific Music Examination results are accepted as CREDITS toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

From The Private Music Teacher & The School Administration Act, Section 6. (sub-sec.2.)